cannabis grown with Stealth Box

Online Workshops Available to Members Now!

U Grow Rental offers a series of online cannabis growing workshops (for members only).
Our workshops take you through the full process of growing cannabis from seed to harvest with our in-house Growmasters. From your first grow to your 100th, we have tips, tricks, and more to maximize your yield.
In-person workshops will be available to members in Metro Vancouver in the future.
Courses 101-104 available online to U Grow Rental members now.


101: Unboxing & The Basics of Cannabis Growing

Learn about setting up your Stealth Box and the foundational knowledge you will need to start growing

102: Propagating and Vegetative Growth

Learn how to turn your seed into a plant and get your grow going

103: The Flowering Cycle

Learn how to care for your plants as they start producing buds

104: Harvest & Organic Growing Tips

Learn how to harvest and cure your buds, and organic growing tips for next time

201: Continuing Education - Report Card, Recap, Planning Your Next Grow (Available In Person Only)

Get a feedback Report Card on your grow, discuss with other members, and plan your next grow
Unavailable until further notice

202: Composting and Creating Your Own Living Soil (Coming Soon)

Learn how to make your own organic soil and nutrients

203: Oils & Edibles (Coming Soon)

Learn how to make cannabis oils and edibles

301: U Grow Rental Growmaster (Coming Soon)

Instructional level course on growing cannabis. By invite only; students qualify based on completion of 100 & 200 level courses, as well as previous Report Card grades.