Stealth Box in living room

Learn To Grow & Rent-To-Own

On top of learning to grow organic, quality cannabis, U Grow Rental members can also put their memberships payments towards owning their own grow system! Our members can count 75% of their membership payments and 100% of their refundable deposit towards the purchase of their very own Stealth Box.

How Much Is Stealth Box?

Stealth Box is a premium, all-in-one grow environment that is built to last - that's why we feel confident renting it out! It will grow you up to 7 oz per grow cycle and retails at $1495 CAD.

When Can I Own My Box?

Your can choose to purchase your Stealth Box at any time during your membership. 100% of your refundable deposit and 75% of your memberships payments can be used towards this.