Pricing FAQ

How does membership pricing work?

U Grow Rental Memberships are available for $75/month.
There is a $495 refundable deposit that is paid on pickup for local members, and paid online via PayPal for online members.

How much is Stealth Box?

Stealth Box retails at $1495.

How can I rent-to-own?

All members are automatically enrolled in our rent-to-own program. 100% of your refundable deposit and 75% of your membership payments can go towards purchasing your Stealth Box at any time.

How does the contract work?

There is a 1 year contract. After 1 year you can choose to:
- return the box to us and get your $495 deposit back
- apply your deposit and payments towards purchasing your Stealth Box outright
- continue renting until you own the box